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SIP Trunks

Our SIP Trunks offer savings of more than 70% compared with BT Retail with exceptional call quality and packages to suit everyone's needs. Whether you need a personal line or a business line, we can provide you with competitive calling rates to local, national and international numbers. 0800 numbers are included for free and mobile calls from only 5 pence per minute. Trunks can be offered in association with our Hosted 3CX service, on-site PBX installations or for other deployments.

Calls are paid for on a "pay as you go basis" so you can add credit on demand and our only requirement to open an account is to deposit £10.00 initial credit.

There's no connection charge and we bill to the nearest second so you only pay for what you use.

SIP trunks cost £3.00 each per month with numbers £1.50 per month.

As with most of our services, SIP Trunks can often be deployed same working day and subject to no more than a 30 day notice period - no long term tie in!

Call Costs

Destinationcost per minuteConnection ChargeMinimum Call Charge
UK Mobile£0.050£0.00£0.010
UK Landline£0.010£0.00£0.010

SIP Trunk Costs

Monthly RentalSetup Charge
Trunks 1 - 4£3.00 per trunk£0.00
Trunks 5 - 8£2.00 per trunk£0.00
Trunks 9 and above£1.00 per trunk£0.00