Grandstream VoIP Handsets

A Comprehensive range of high quality handsets for all business requirements


Enterprise IP Handsets

The GXP series of color-screen IP phones offers 3, 4 and 6 line IP phones with a suite of advanced VoIP calling features to maximize enterprise productivity and communication. Features such as HD audio support, a full color-screen operating system, various BLF/speed dial/extension module options and built-in Bluetooth offers users a powerful desktop experience.


Mid-Range Business IP Handsets

The GXP1700 series of Mid-Range IP Phones was designed for growing businesses. These stylish phones have mid-range features and capacity that your business can grow with.


Video IP Handsets

The GXV3200 series of IP Video Phones for Android ™ are 6-line IP phones that offer a powerful multimedia experience including multi-platform video calling and full access to all apps in the Google Play Store – including popular business apps. These innovative devices extend the power of video communications to the desktop while offering tablet-like functionality and web access.


Small Business IP Handsets

The GXP1600 series of IP phones are designed specifically for small business and home office use. These small business IP phones offer a user-friendly calling experience that incorporates a variety of advanced VoIP calling features.


IP DECT Handset

The Grandstream DP720 is a VoIP DECT phone that is both powerful and affordable. The DP720 is simple to configure and of a high quality, making it ideally suited for both small business and residential users.